Monday, March 06, 2017

Revised GST Tax Code as at 2 March 2017

The Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) has issued the revised Guide on Accounting Software Enhancement towards GST Compliance as at 2 March 2017. This revised Guide replaces the previous Guide as at 1 August 2016.

RMCD has uploaded new revised the “GUIDE ON ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE ENHANCEMENT TOWARDS GST COMPLIANCE” as at 5 February 2018 to replace the previous guide.

The following tax codes have been combined as ZP:-

a) EP: Purchase in relation to exempt supply under GST legislation
b) RP: Relief Purchase under GST legislation
c) GP: Purchase transactions which disregarded under GST legislation.

The new guide withdraws the tax code NP and reinstate tax code IM-CG.

From the taxable period January 2018 onwards, item 15 of GST-03 return has been amended from "Total Value of GST Suspended under Item 14" to "Total Value of Other Supplies".

The total value of other supplies includes out of scrap supplies and disregarded supplies.