Wednesday, February 27, 2008


a) Form E

The IRB informed that no extension of time will be granted for the submission of Form E (due date on 31 March 2008). In addition, with regard to Part B of the form wherein monthly details/ totals are required for the PCB/STD payments, the IRB has agreed (for this year only) that if the employer only fills in the annual total figure, this will be accepted. However, for the future, all columns will need to be completed. At the same time, the IRB will also be exploring the possibility of improving next years’ Form E.

c) Return Forms E, B, BE, M, P, TP, TF and TJ for year of assessment 2007 in PDF format

The above-stated returns (including Form E) can be downloaded in PDF format for filing purposes. However, the following needs to be taken note of:

a) The return forms must be printed using the following specifications:
i. Type of paper: Plain A4 (210mm x 297mm)/80 gsm (minimum)
ii. Orientation: Potrait
iii. Printing technology: Laser
iv. Colour: Pure black/Monochrome
v. Quality: Single sided / 1 sheet per page / 300 dpi

b) Failure to comply with the above specifications may lead to failure in data capture. In such a case, the return form will be rejected and treated as not being received by the IRB.

The above return forms in PDF format can be downloaded from